EMS Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Electrical Muscle Stimulation, also known as EMS, is a very popular way to shake the muscles and prevent muscle atrophy. Some patients need it desperately, that’s why a lot of doctors use it on a regular basis. EMS is good when the patient has been suffering from strong injuries and is put to bed for a long time. Muscle atrophy can be a consequence of this, so electrical muscle stimulation is the only way for these people to get their muscles strong again.

Electrical muscle stimulation is basically done by stimulating some parts of the body. For this purpose, an electronic device is used, the little electrodes of which are out directly on the body areas that need to be stimulated. A slow tension is then put on the wires, and muscle stimulation is done. By dialing the voltage, you can pick different pressure on the muscles, for creating various effects.

The electrical impulses are a strong stimulation for the muscles, and they really suffice in making the body feel in good shape again. The low voltage is usually done on smaller, involuntary muscle groups, which cannot be stimulated in other ways. The low voltage also stimulates the brain, which starts sending impulses through the involuntary muscles, thus stimulating them as well.

The electrical muscle stimulation device can only be used by professional physicians. Any kind of novice’s intervention can be dangerous, if you haven’t consulted with a doctor. Using EMS is strongly recommended in cases of injuries, and most medical insurances cover it. You may as well buy the device from an online store, or any kind of specialty store, and you can find for the meager price of twenty bucks, batteries and electrodes included. Many people find their final relief when using the EMS device. It is so practical and easy to use. There are few things easier to comprehend. You can find cheap battery-loaded devices, as well as electronic plug-in stimulators, both for no big costs. The best thing about these devices is that you can also use them to lose weight and give tonus to your muscles. You can make your muscles stronger and fitter. This kind of stimulation is considered a safe way to keep a good form.

Physical therapists have used this particular technique for years on patients that do not have full use of their muscles due to severe injury. Joint pain can be greatly relieved with regular stimulation from an EMS device. Patients that suffered from partial or full body paralysis use this method to help prevent atrophy of the muscles from developing over a long period of time. Body builders and weight loss gurus are seeing this technique becoming more and more popular among many of their clients. Using electrical muscle stimulation with a regular exercise program doubles the results that you would normally have with exercise alone. Your muscles are getting an extra workout without actually having to put in more time at the gym. Combining exercise with the stimulation is the quickest way to reach your desired goal, although you do not have to have an extensive exercise routine to see results. Muscle stimulation is a great alternative to using chemicals to enhance and boost muscle tone. Electrical muscle stimulation is a great way to keep your body toned and in shape without having to do extra workouts. You can get results in very little time compared to using exercise alone. There are many benefits to using this technique over using chemical muscle enhancers that can cause nasty side effects that can sometimes delay any results.

How Long Has the Electric Muscle Stimulator Been Around?

Believe it or not, the first scientific research to prove the ability of electricity to stimulate muscle movement came back in 1791. Throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, this topic fascinated scientists, who identified the exact properties of electricity that stimulated muscles and showed that this could affect long-term alterations to the muscle exposed to electric impulses. However, it was not until the 1960s, when the Soviet Union began using an electric muscle stimulator to train its athletes that the notion of using this technique to create ‘the body beautiful’ began.

The Science

So, how does it work? Well, electric muscle stimulation (EMS) is the delivery of electric impulses into the muscles via electrodes (pads placed over the muscles). The electricity mimics what is known as the action potential, which in natural circumstances would come from the central nervous system, and causes the muscle or muscles to contract. The effect of this procedure is different depending on the fiber type of the muscle being treated and the method of treatment. However, it is believed that under the correct circumstances EMS may increase the strength of a muscle, improve muscle endurance and fatigue resistance.

Are EMS Products Safe?

In the U.S., EMS products are approved by the FDA, Food and Drug Administration, and are certified in two categories: over-the-counter products that you could go out and buy today, and prescription products that are designed for treating a medical condition and must be used under supervision. Typically, an electric muscle stimulator is perfectly safe. However, in accordance with FDA guidelines, all products must carry literature about the possible side effects and the danger for certain groups of people, for example, those with pacemakers.

Consumer opinion over these products is divided. Many will state that EMS did nothing for them, whereas others claim to have noticed a marked difference. However, this may come down to the effectiveness of individual products, the method of use and the age of the user, because all of these factors will affect the success of the product. If you are interested in purchasing an electric muscle stimulator, it is advisable to research the specific brand and seek the opinion of fellow customers. Obviously, in some instance, electric muscle stimulators are effective. However, it is worth mentioning that these products are by no means necessary. In fact, you are likely to achieve better results with a few sit-ups every day and they will not cost you a penny.

Muscle Stimulators – Can They Really Help Build Muscle?

A muscle stimulator is an electronic device that is used to help with maintaining muscle tone. It has been commonly used among physical therapists, as well as body builders, to help with joint pain and toning muscles. Many physical therapists use this technique to help patients that severe injuries and cannot exercise on their own. This device is also thought to help patients that have partial or full body paralysis prevent atrophy from becoming a severe problem.
Muscle toning or strengthening is the most common reason for using an EMS or Electrical Muscle Stimulator device.

Although, there are many people that use this device for weight loss as well. Body builders will commonly use this device along with an extensive exercise routine to help boost the results that exercise alone would offer. This technique for boosting muscle strength is becoming more and more popular.

An EMS device uses an electrical current to stimulate the targeted muscles. The electrical current that an EMS device uses causes the muscles to contract just as if you were using them during an exercise routine. The device is connected to the body through electrodes that are soft sticky pads. These pads attach to any muscle that you want to work out or tone. This is a great way to strengthen muscles that have become weak due to lack of use or injury.

Muscle stimulators are a great way to help your muscles stay toned and in shape even if you don’t have a lot of time for exercise. Regular use of a muscle stimulator device will give you a great looking and well-toned body with little or no exercise. An EMS is also a great compliment to a regular exercise routine as this will help you reach your goal a little faster.

Why Buy an Electronic Muscle Stimulator?

The electronic muscle stimulator (EMS) is one of the machines that employ Transcutaneous Electrical Muscle Stimulation. This is a procedure that involves application of low electrical energy, producing a tingling sensation and low muscle stimulation. This sensation is brought about by the electrodes, which are directly applied to the affected area.

An electronic muscle stimulator has many uses in the medical field:

Relieves pain

The electronic muscle stimulator can relieve pain through the massaging motion it applies to the affected muscle. It also applies warmth, which aids in healing the affected area.

Provides mild muscle massage

The rotating motion of the EMS massages the area, exercising it and providing a mild exercise even without you going to the gym. It also enhances the contraction and relaxation of the muscles to effect good muscle tone and development. Of course, when you need a more vigorous exercise, then you have to use heavier exercise regimen.

Stimulates the production of endorphins

Endorphins are substances that block the pain stimuli, thereby lessening pain and discomfort. These substances block the nerve endings, so the hypothalamus does not receive the nerve transmission. When the hypothalamus does not receive the nerve transmission, it would not respond, so there will be no corresponding reaction from the body.

Increases circulation

Blood circulation is increased because the massaging motion of the electronic muscle stimulator allows for easy blood flow. There are veins, arteries and capillaries in muscles through which blood flows. When these are stimulated through massage, they work more efficiently to transport vital substances and nutrients.

Restores balance through homeostasis

The electronic muscle stimulator restores balance to the body through smooth muscle contraction. Homeostasis is the internal balance in which the body achieves balance by balancing and healing itself. This is not possible, though, when some organs are dysfunctional. For electronic muscle stimulator to help in this process, proper function of the circulatory and immune system should be normal first.

Enhances healing

Because of the increased circulation of blood to the affected area, healing is enhanced. When blood circulation is increased, the system transports the cells and substances responsible for healing very quickly to the site. The white blood cells that are responsible for the immune response of the body also promote healing.

Improves muscle tone

The massaging motion elicits a beneficial effect on muscles by improving muscle tone and mass. The electronic muscle stimulator simulates mild exercise and, therefore, promotes muscle tone and development. The stimulation utilized by the gadget is rhythmic and mild, but there are also deep muscle stimulators that can massage deeper muscles for maximum pain relief.

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