Fix Insomnia Naturally With CES Therapy

ces ultra natural treatment for anxiety, stress and insomnia

Fix Insomnia Naturally With CES

Are you wondering how to fix insomnia naturally? If you’re struggling with your sleep, don’t reach for sleeping pills right away. There are some incredible natural treatment options for insomnia that can make a big difference in your sleep quality, without causing harmful side effects. In this article, we’ll be talking about one such treatment: Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation (CES).

Insomnia: What Is It?

Insomnia is the difficulty of falling asleep or staying asleep, and that lack of rest can then result in excessive daytime sleepiness and tiredness. Disrupted and fragmented sleep is part of the insomnia family of disorders. And a disordered sleep perception is when you’re sleeping, and you don’t realize that you’re asleep (where it feels like you were awake all night).

It seems like you were awake all night, you remember looking at the clock all night long, and yet you were actually sleeping, but your brain was not shifted all the way into “sleep mode”. And so the perception is that you were awake all night. This kind of sleep perception issue can fall into the “insomnia” category as well.

How Prevalent Is Insomnia?

Sleep disorders are very prevalent. According to the National Institutes of Health, over 40 million Americans suffer from chronic or long-term sleep disorders and an additional 20 million report occasional problems. Some form of sleep disruption is present, co-occurring in nearly all psychiatric disorders. So name a psychiatric disorder, and there’s probably a sleep disruption that is associated with it. And that’s not surprising because proper sleep is incredibly important for both our mental and our physical health. And so when you’re not getting good sleep, that can contribute to or be caused by psychiatric problems. Good health necessarily requires good sleep, and insomnia is not just an inconvenience, but it’s a real problem that needs real help.

The good news is, despite its prevalence, it is possible to fix insomnia naturally, without relying on sleeping pills, and fine true, lasting relief.

Contributing Factors

All of these insomnia disorders can be caused by disruptions to the circadian rhythm. Insufficient levels of the correct neurotransmitters like serotonin, melatonin and GABA. Difficulty relaxing or switching off your mind can be caused by chronic stress. this excessive thought on inability to let go get things off your mind, and insomnia often occurs in tandem with anxiety or depression.

Sleep Disorders feed anxiety disorders and this can create a vicious cycle, which eventually, can lead to poor performance at school or at work, increased risk of injury, increased risk of traffic accidents by the way also, and you have a higher risk for heart-related disorders. Heart disease, heart failure, irregular heartbeats, heart attack, high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, and obesity, are all linked to sleep disorders.

So you have this vicious cycle where you have anxiety that contributes to insomnia, and then insomnia causes anxiety because you’re afraid you won’t be able to sleep tonight. Or you wake up and you’re not rested, and you’ve had a terrible night. And so the anxiety and the insomnia lead or feed one another in a vicious cycle that can be very difficult. And that’s where CES can come in and be very beneficial.


A little bit of history behind CES, where it came from. A couple of French doctors, beginning in 1902, studied something called “electrosleep”. Using strong, electrical currents to induce sleep, essentially hits the brain hard enough with electricity, knocking somebody out. Not potentially a great idea now, but over a hundred years ago, it was very cutting-edge.

The next major development was ECT (electroconvulsive therapy) introduced in 1933 and used for depression and psychosis. You may have heard this called “shock therapy.” That sounds kind of scary, but it’s actually a legitimate treatment for psychiatric disorders that can make a huge difference. Don’t worry though—CES is NOT shock therapy! It’s significantly more gentle, less invasive, and it’s so safe, you can treat yourself from the comfort of home.

The Beginnings of CES

Then in the Soviet Union in the 1950s, they began experimenting with CES, in its current form, low-level electrical currents designed to match what the brain does rather than overwhelm the brain like you would with electrosleep. In the 1970s. There was a process called “Electro Anesthesia”, where they found that by stimulating the brain in the correct way, they could induce sleep or anesthesia and keep patients in that state as long as the current was on. Then you turn off the current, and the patient would wake up. So there were some experiments about trying to use this as an approach for surgical anesthesia, for example. And as the field advanced, more and more understanding was garnered about the electrical circuitry of the brain.

In 2002, Kirsch created a bibliography listing 126 human studies of CES along with 29 animal studies, and the majority of these studies were double-blind, conducted at American Universities, with a total of over 6,000 patients involved. If you combine all these studies, and about 4,500 actually receiving real CES treatment with the other 1500 or so receiving something else (a placebo or something) to compare CES against. So the point is, there’s been a lot of study; this is well researched. This field of medicine has been practiced and researched, and studied for well over a hundred years. This is not something new, or experimental in any way. CES truly has the potential to fix insomnia naturally for many patients.

CES treatment for anxiety and insomnia with CES Ultra
Woman uses CES Ultra microcurrent device for anxiety and insomnia

Fix Insomnia Naturally with CES

Now let’s talk about how cranial electrotherapy stimulation (CES) can help with all of these insomnia disorders we are talking about. CES is an FDA-cleared treatment for insomnia. It uses precisely tuned subtle electrical impulses to electrically stimulate specific parts of the brain that help them revert to normal production of neurotransmitters, and restores pre-stress, homeostatic relationships in the neurotransmitter systems. Let me break that down for you.

Homeostasis simply means that everything is in balance, and that you have the correct proportion of the neurotransmitters and brain chemicals, so that you’re not too stressed, and that you have the ability to perform. You also have the ability to relax, and that’s called homeostasis. And that homeostatic relationship is very important for good health. But when we’re overly stressed, then homeostasis has been interrupted, giving us sympathetic dominance which can lead to anxiety and insomnia.

CES helps restore that homeostatic relationship by stimulating parts of the brain to produce neurotransmitters and chemicals in proper proportions. Serotonin, melatonin, beta, endorphins, all of those relaxation hormones, increased. And decreases cortisol (the stress hormone) helping you calm obsessive thoughts and worries and leaving you in a state of clarity and calm conducive to high-quality, restful sleep. It is incredibly safe, painless, side-effect-free, non-habit forming, and backed by decades of insightful research and studies. AND, under the direction of a medical professional, you can treat yourself daily from the comfort of your own home! If you’re looking to fix insomnia naturally, CES should be the first thing you try.

The best part is, after you stop using CES, the chemical balance you’ve achieved remains, because the treatment is cumulative in nature. In other words, CES helps retrain your brain to return to optimal function and chemical balance all on its own.

How Does CES Work?

Now you may ask, “Wait a minute, you’re talking about putting electricity into the brain?! Is this a great idea?” We’ve all perhaps heard of various types of treatments that may sound a little bit concerning, so let’s talk a little bit about that. 

The brain, of course, is a very electrical organ. It’s the most electrically active organ in the body outside the heart and there is constant electrical activity in the brain. It’s kind of like a giant computer network where there’s constant information flowing, billions of pieces of information per second, billions of impulses per second, all flying around this incredible network inside the brain. These help us hear, and see, and think, and feel, and understand, and dream. All of that is handled by electrical activity in the brain.

Electric Beings

So the brain is very electric; in fact, you can actually pick up the electrical activity outside the scalp using electrodes on an EEG machine where you can watch the electrical activity in the brain. Strong enough that it creates an electric field that can be picked up outside the head. These electrical currents used in CES are similar to the currents in the brain. They’re sub-sensory; they are not felt by the user, just like you don’t feel your brain buzzing right now with electricity, even though it is. CES does not have to be felt to be effective. It’s the same kind of current that’s already in your brain, and it works with the brain’s natural function rather than against it.

Unlike pharmaceutical approaches that are designed to block certain brain functions, in order to try to restore things to balance, CES works to fix insomnia naturally by simply promoting proper function and proper balance through the brain’s own mechanisms. It’s not habit forming; you don’t become dependent upon it, and therefore it’s safe to use. You can use it short term or long term to stimulate homeostasis, and it won’t push things beyond their balance state. It will only encourage them to converge on their balance state. So CES is actually a tremendously good idea and good approach for how to address these issues with the brain that can cause insomnia, working at the root level of the cause.

How To Get The Most Out Of A CES Device

When selecting a CES device, it’s important to choose one that is FDA-registered. This designation means the device has gone through extensive safety testing and passes the FDA’s strict standards for both safety and efficacy. This means it’s probably not a good idea to purchase a device off a site like Amazon or Alibaba. Many devices available on such sites are knock-off versions that have not been thoroughly tested.

The CES Ultra is the only CES unit currently on the market with the proven technology and configuration employed in more than 100 scientific and research studies, including the Meta-Analysis conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health. It is one of just a few FDA-registered CES Units shown to be safe and effective. And the best part is? The CES Ultra costs less than the average price of 3 talk therapy sessions. That’s why it’s our #1 recommendation for a CES device! You can learn more about the CES Ultra here>>

“CES Ultra may be the simplest, most effective, most underrated thing you can do for your mental health from the comfort of your own home. You can work it into your routine. Use it daily, or use it once a month. CES is there for you when YOU need it. And it really, truly works.” —Dr. Mackenzie

try CES ultra, a natural treatment for anxiety
CES Ultra is a Natural Treatment for Anxiety

“Off Label” Benefits Of CES Reported By Many Patients:

  • More efficient sleep onset 
  • Elevated mood 
  • Reduced symptoms of depression 
  • Reduction in episodes of irrational anger and irritability 
  • Fewer mood swings 
  • Improved impulse control 
  • Calmer patterns of thought 
  • Heightened mental clarity 
  • Accelerated learning 
  • Normalized information recall 
  • Improved task concentration and focus 

For more information about CES Ultra to fix insomnia naturally, and to try it for yourself, risk-free for 60 days, visit this link:

*This article is written for informational purposes only, and does not constitute medical advice. Always work with a qualified healthcare provider when making decisions about your health and wellness.

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