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  • Acupuncture And Weight Training

    Acupuncture And Weight Training

    Are you tired of struggling with weight training, feeling like you’re not making any progress no matter how hard you work? Well, get ready to have your mind blown because the combination of acupuncture and weight training is a game-changer! This dynamic duo has the power to transform your fitness journey, helping you achieve your…

  • Vitalstim


    VitalStim is a specific type of electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) therapy that is used to treat dysphagia, which is difficulty swallowing. The therapy uses low-voltage electrical current to stimulate the muscles used for swallowing, which can help to improve muscle strength and function. In this article, we will discuss the mechanism of action, applications, benefits,…

  • Can a CES Device Help With Anxiety?

    Can a CES Device Help With Anxiety?

    A CES Device can absolutely help with anxiety. Many studies have shown the CES Ultra (a CES device sold by Miridia Technology in the USA) to be a safe and effective treatment option for anxiety. In one such study, 75% of users reported significant improvement in their anxiety after consistently using the CES Ultra for two weeks. Sound interesting?…