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  • Is a CES Device the Same as an Electrosleep Device?

    Is a CES Device the Same as an Electrosleep Device?

    Researchers have been experimenting with electrosleep since the early 1900s, when in Russia, a group of scientists attempted to find a specific frequency that would put patients reliably and completely to sleep. Though they never found that frequency, they discovered something else along the way. Surprisingly, the patients in these trials reported significant improvements in their sleep. Since the onset of the experiment, they fell asleep more quickly, slept more deeply, and felt more satisfied with the quality of their overall sleep. Thus, modern CES Devices were born!

  • Sleep Better with a CES Device

    Sleep Better with a CES Device

    Want to sleep better? Maybe you’ve already tried meditation, journaling, and creating a better bedtime routine, and you’re still having a tough time. Maybe you are starting to experience anxiety because of lack of sleep, and you are worried about spiraling. Or, maybe you don’t want to get on sleeping pills and you’re looking for a better solution.If you’ve heard about CES therapy for insomnia and you’re interested in learning more, we have some good news for you: YES, a CES device can absolutely help you sleep better. Stick with us and we’ll explain how and why!