What is a Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation Device? 

What is a CES Device?

A Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation Device (CES Device) is a small, handheld device which stimulates specific areas of the brain with a tiny electric current. This microcurrent helps reorganize electrical signaling in the brain. Overtime, using a CES device regulates neurotransmitters and improves neurochemical imbalances. These effects improve anxiety and insomnia in many users. In fact, the FDA has cleared some CES devices to treat anxiety and insomnia

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There is also evidence that CES devices may help with depression, learning and memory, focus, and stress relief.

Researchers in the USA have studied cranial electrotherapy stimulation devices for decades. They consider CES safe, non-habit forming, non-invasive, and effective.

Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation Device (CES ultra) for anxiety and insomnia
An FDA-Cleared Treatment device for anxiety and insomnia called the CES Ultra uses Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation to reprogram neurotransmitters

How Does a CES Device Work?

Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation devices deliver gentle microcurrent, often via gelled electrode pads or ear clips, to stimulate tissue in the hypothalamic area of the brain with a well- studied, healing frequency of 100 hz.

The hypothalamus controls many important functions of the body. Such functions include temperature regulation, appetite and weight control, emotions, sleep cycles, blood pressure and heart rate. CES prompts the brain to return to a state of homeostasis and normal production of neurotransmitters, restoring, in turn, proper chemical rhythm and balance. For example, CES promotes healthy serotonin, melatonin and B-Endorphin levels and decreases cortisol, the “stress” hormone that can throw your body out of balance.

To use a CES device, simply place the ear clips on your ear lobes or the electrode pads behind your ears, and turn the device on. Then, set the stimulation level so that it’s comfortable for you. You can use CES while working, walking, reading, journaling, watching TV, meditating, and going about your day! Some users may experience drowsiness. As such, you should not use CES while driving or operating machinery.

Why Should I Try a CES Device?

CES therapy via an at-home CES device is an excellent option for insomnia and anxiety. In studies, about 75% of users with anxiety reported a significant improvement in their symptoms after 2 weeks of consistent use. Results were similar for insomnia sufferers. CES therapy is extremely safe, non-invasive, affordable, simple and effective. CES therapy is non-habit forming, and the majority of side effects are widely positive (think improved mood, heightened clarity of thought, healthier sleep patterns, etc!) The only reported negative side effects including tingling/discomfort in the area of stimulation, minor headache, sleepiness or dizziness for a very small number of users.

CES is an excellent first-line therapy for anxiety and insomnia because it is so safe and non- invasive, and there is no risk of addiction. Some practitioners may recommend trying CES first, before pharmaceutical interventions, as long as the anxiety or insomnia is not severe.

Where Can I Get a Cranial Electrotherapy (CES) Device?

CES devices are available by prescription through licensed healthcare professionals like doctors, nurse practitioners, chiropractors, naturopaths, physical therapists, psychologists, and acupuncturists. You can also order CES devices directly from some companies who have practitioners on staff. A practitioner will review your case and ensure that CES is a good fit for your needs before sending your device.

How Should I Choose Which CES Device to Buy?

When selecting a CES device, it is important to keep some factors in mind. First, not all CES devices are registered with the FDA. This means that they may not have been properly tested for safety and efficacyIt may be advisable to avoid sites like Amazon and Alibaba when shopping for a CES device, as many of their offerings may be knock-off devices that aren’t tested or proven.

Instead, we recommend purchasing CES directly from a company you trust. Ensure that it is an FDA-cleared unit, and that it uses the frequency of 100 hz. This is the most well-studied frequency. Consider warranty, price, and the responsiveness of the customer service you receive as well.

The CES Ultra, available in the USA through Miridia Technology, is an excellent option. It is the most widely researched CES device on the market, the technology is robust and long- lasting, and it has an extremely impressive safety record with decades of safe use and no lasting negative side effects. Rigorously tested and demonstrably effective, the CES Ultra offers real, lasting relief from anxiety, stress, and insomnia, and may increase mental clarity, focus, and alertness.

We designed the CES Ultra for ease of use and long-lasting functionality. It is compact and portable, allowing it to be worn and used throughout the day or as needed. Complete with a carry case, ear clips, optional electrode pads and automatic shut-off timers, you’ll find that the CES is extremely accessible, convenient and simple to use.

Miridia Technology has practitioners on-staff who are happy to review your case and approve a prescription.

You’ll also find that Miridia Technology prioritizes their customers and offers excellent customer support. They back up the CES Ultra with a 1 year warranty and offer a 60-day money-back guarantee.

CES For Anxiety: More Information

Anxiety is the most common mental illness in the United States. Up to 40 million American adults are affected by anxietyand though anxiety can be treated, less than 40% of those who suffer receive treatment.

When there is disorder or imbalance in your brain chemistry, your chances of suffering from anxiety rise. Your brain may struggle to cope with the normal stresses of everyday life and push your nervous system into fight-or-flight mode, causing feelings of panic and anxiety.

The good news is, CES (Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation) is an effective, healing option for anxiety in children, teens and adults! CES transmits a gentle frequency via ear clips or gelled electrode pads. This “re-programs” neurotransmitters in the brain and helps restore order to the chaos. Rather than just treating the symptoms, CES focuses on addressing the root of anxiety for many people: an imbalance in the brain.

The effects of CES on the brain are cumulative. Some patients notice an immediate sense of calm and clarity after one treatment or shortly thereafter. After a few weeks of consistent treatment, most patients have noticed marked, observable differences in their anxiety. Many find permanent relief and enjoy a lasting sense of calm and wellbeing

CES for Insomnia: More Information

Insomnia is a debilitating condition that can affect people short-term or chronically. Nearly 70 million Americans suffer from sleep disorders. In fact, 30% of American adults experience short-term insomnia, and 10% endure chronic insomnia.

Whether you’re experiencing short-term or chronic insomnia, it’s a nightmare. (Sometimes) it will resolve on its own, but often intervention is needed, and no one wants to take sleeping pills forever.

The good news is CES (Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation) is a powerful treatment option for insomnia that’s non-habit forming and free of side effects (unlike sleeping pills!) Insomnia often stems from imbalances in the neurochemistry of the brain that disrupt natural sleep cycles.

CES transmits a gentle frequency via ear clips or gelled electrode pads. This “re-programs” neurotransmitters in the brain and helps restore order to the chaos. Rather than just treating the symptoms, CES focuses on addressing the root of insomnia for many people: an imbalance in the brain.

The effects of CES on the brain are cumulative. Some patients notice an immediate improvement in their sleep after one to two treatments. After a 1-2 weeks of consistent treatment, most patients have noticed marked, observable differences in their sleep quality. After experiencing initial relief, patients can use the device on an as- needed basis. Many find permanent relief.

Other Potential Benefits of CES Devices

CES devices have been used for many different purposes through the decades and are being studied for benefits beyond anxiety and insomnia. Some of those reported benefits include:

• Normalized sleep patterns
• Decrease in nervous tension and energy
• Decrease in frantic and anxious thought patterns
• More efficient sleep onset
• Elevated mood
• Feeling of relaxation and restfulness
• Fewer occurrences of irrational anger and irritability • Reduced mood swings
• Improved impulse control
• Increased sense of balance and peace
• Calmer patterns of thought
• Heightened clarity
• Normalized information recall
• Accelerated learning
• Improved task concentration and focus 

the easy, powerful, FDA-cleared solution for anxiety and insomnia: Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation with the CES Ultra device
Woman uses a cranial electrotherapy stimulation device (the CES Ultra) while she works

Patients worldwide have enjoyed increased mental clarity and calm, a significant reduction in anxiety and improved sleep and increased focus through the safe and gentle benefits of CES. Patients no longer need to rely on dangerous or habit-forming drugs to help anxiety and insomnia, and they no longer need to suffer in silence.

Ready to start feeling better? Order your CES Ultra today!

**This article is written for informational purposes only, and does not constitute medical advice. Always work with a qualified healthcare provider when making decisions about your health and wellness.

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