ADHD is a disorder that occurs in childhood and is marked by a number of signs. A child could have ADHD if they are unable to pay attention, are impulsive or distractible. They may also be irritable and hyperactive. They might not be hyperactive and will still be considered ADHD.

For the past 40 or 50 years amphetamines were approved for use in relieving symptoms of ADHD. In fact for awhile stimulants were the treatment for ADHD. There are though, serious side effects whether they have been taken for a short time or a long time.

With short term use a child may experience the following: sleeplessness, loss of appetite, depression, and irritability. With long time use a child is expected to be more likely, as adults, to become depressed and to suffer with substance abuse. Stimulant drugs are highly addictive. They will also have adverse on effects on the liver.

If you are like most parents you will be looking for a viable alternative treatment for ADHD to stimulants. There are natural treatments that help to relieve the symptoms your child might experience. Supplements for ADHD contain herbs such as Verta Alb and Gingko Biloba for example that help to soothe nerves and support your child’s memory. You should look for FDA approval and for supplements that have been made by a person who is certified in homeopathy.

Natural supplements are safe to use even for extended periods. They are also very effective in providing relief to your child. They may also improve your child’s general health. They may cost less than stimulant medications, that is just another advantage natural supplements.

The holistic approach helps to bring harmony to your child’s mind and body. When there is harmony the better your child will be able to focus more and pay attention more. Other symptoms will be relieved as well.

A healthy lifestyle is essential to easing the various symptoms of ADHD. A well managed diet, physical exercise, and sleep are also important. Behavioral therapy will help to teach your child strategies they can use to manage ADHD independently.

Other alternative treatments for ADHD include acupuncture. Relaxation techniques and meditation can help to relax your child’s active mind so that they can function better. Providing structure, support, and a lot of love for your child will also go along way toward their success at home and in school.

ADHD medications for children with various brand names are available to cure the disorder which affects their behaviour. Nearly 8 to 10 percent of the school-going children are known to be affected by this disorder. Three times more boys suffer this problem when compared to girls. The children suffering from ADHD are hyperactive and they behave without thinking about the consequences. They experience trouble in focusing. They also could not attend to details, pay attention and could not sit still.

According to researchers, among the various ADHD medications for child, Synaptol is producing the best results. Manufacturers of Synaptol claims that it will remove ADHD symptoms quickly and after testing found to be true. Ninety percent positive results were obtained when Synaptol was tested by researchers with many getting immediate relief.

Synaptol is 99% effective in the independent lab trial in lowering ADHD Symptoms quickly and naturally.

Hypinol which is another ADHD medication for children with ingredients, which are natural, and the results from the clinical studies are also impressive.

Upon proper diagnosis, the parents and children are introduced to the world of ADHD medications.

These medications work well for some of the cases to manage the ADHD symptoms. Nevertheless, not all drugs work for every ADHD afflicted children. The parents should continue to search the most suitable ADHD medication for their child and which gives some results.

Nutrition therapy is an alternative treatment to ADHD medication to children. For optimal brain functions, increased amino acids and fatty acids are needed. Attend is one of the best natural nutritional treatment supplement for ADHD. It does not have any side effects.

Neurofeedback or EEG biofeedback is another alternative treatment for ADHD. Training is given to the brain to control its own brainwave functions through its own feedback which is received immediately. It will help improve pattern of sleeping, anxiety reduction and depression.

As an alternative to ADHD medication, acupuncture or acupressure is to be considered as a serious option. It helps to align energy path and balance them within the body. It can be used on children with ADHD who are also scared of needles.

ADHD – New Medications and Their Effects

There has been ongoing research on ADHD new medications. Are the new medications any better that what is currently being used? What kind of side effects do these new drugs have? Do these new drugs have risks of future addiction or dependence?

Traditionally stimulant drugs have been given to children with ADHD and they do work for about 75% of those who try them. The new drugs called ProDrugs are a stimulant.

They claim to have fewer side effects if any and they claim that they are more effectively absorbed and used by the body. The goal of makers of the new drugs say they want the drug eventually target the areas of the brain (frontal lobes) where many people believe that the cause for ADHD starts. It sounds great doesn’t it?

There are two classes of stimulants and when I heard what they were I was and am still furious. The two classes are amphetamines and methylphenidates. I wonder how many other parents are unaware of this fact. Is it any wonder than that they are addictive?

Stimulant drugs have side effects like causing sleeplessness, and depression. It is warned that if a sudden change of behaviors or suicidal thinking occurs with your child, take it as serious as it sounds and get medical attention.They may also cause your child to eat less than usual and be depressed.Children on stimulant drugs need to be carefully monitored because of these side effects. Stimulants improves the blood that goes to the brain as well as the dopamine and norepinephrine levels.

There has been a resurgence of the popularity of natural means of treating ADHD. The holistic approach works to balance your child’s life with nutrition, environment, and remedies that have no side effects, safe, and that work.

Acupuncture can be used in the holistic approach. They are formulas of a variety of things. There are specific formulas of herbs as well as vitamins and minerals that are known to provide relief of ADHD symptoms for your child. These supplements should be approved by the FDA and they should be made by someone who is a professional homeopathic.

Other things you can try for your child are to make sure they get plenty of exercise, plenty of sleep, and healthy food. Structure can help your child to know what to expect both at home and at school. Supplements are not necessarily ADHD new medications. They are safe and effective and often less costly than prescribed stimulants. Natural remedies are safe and side-effect free.

Anxiety and Insomnia Relief With Auricular Acupuncture

Very Common Problems

Anxiety, depression, and insomnia are extremely common in our society. In fact, prescriptions written for the various medications used to treat these problems continue to increase at monumental rates. Often patients are taking three or more medications to treat these problems and deal with the side effects of these treatments.

An Unusual Path to Application

In day to day practice, I see mostly chronic orthopedic problems (back/neck, headaches, shoulder, hip etc..) Often the symptoms that bring patients to the office have a depressive, anxious or sleep deprivation component. While treatment for these problems lies primarily in the realm of medicine/psychology, the influence of these issues has a huge impact on tissue healing and participation in treatment. Further, most of these suffers are already receiving some pharmacologic treatment with incomplete relief. While at an acutherapy seminar a colleague of mine recommended that I check out a protocol they were using as an adjunct to allow patients to rest and recovery from their musculoskeletal ailments faster.

The treatment protocol he described is the Acudetox protocol from the NADA National Acupuncture Detoxification Association. The NADA protocol was developed in the mid 80’s by Dr. Michael Smith, DO. The initial application for this protocol was for patients in detox suffering withdrawal from drug and/or alcohol addiction. Through time and study it was noted that this treatment was effective because it reduced anxiety and insomnia. The protocol was found to be further advantageous because it did not involve the addition more medication or interfere with current medication regime. More recently the diagnoses of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) and ADHD have been added to the list of conditions amenable to this treatment.

How it Works

The treatment consists of applying acupuncture needles to specific points on the ear based the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) approach to acupuncture. Patients then relax in a seated or semi-reclined position for 20-40 minutes. Most patients report deep relaxation or calming sensation that leaves them feeling grounded and more introspective. Mental health professionals often cite particular value in this treatment because it is nonverbal and occurs deep within the patient, on a personal level independent from any anxiety, anger, or resistance they may present with.

The treatment protocol is provided worldwide by certified ADS (auricular detoxification specialists). These individuals have completed training and certification through the NADA. Most providers offer treatment on a cash basis and prices vary. Experience has shown that most patients choose to receive 4-6 sessions on a weekly or biweekly schedule and then taper off as they so desire. Depending on individual state law a physician prescription for the treatment may be necessary. Your local ADS provider can provide further information on local requirements.

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