Wrist and hand pain can result when you type all day long. Or, play a concert piano, do hairstyles or retain tension from any activity. What makes this worse is if you work with poor posture – looking down (to any degree) at a computer monitor, slumping in the low back, and letting your chest cave in, suppressing proper breathing. This leads to decreased ranges of motion in your neck, shoulder, spine, forearm and wrist areas.

Repetitive stress, resulting in hand pain and wrist pain, can be prevented and soothed by understanding the connective tissues of the body, and how to take care of them.

The entire body is connected by fascia, a tissue covering all the soft tissues. Typically, the scalp muscles and the muscles right under the skull and top of the neck, will retain tension from nothing more than incorrect posture, and this tension will travel down the body.

Add athletic training, hours at a desk, or any repetitive motion, and chronic pain will result.

It is not a good idea to ignore pain or just take over the counter pain relievers. Seeing a chiropractor or a physio therapist, for treatment and to learn some home care, will bring pain relief and re-train your habits.

Also, getting a stretching guide from an experienced professional for home use will help you get pain relief. Not only will it relieve tension that is causing a pinched-nerve situation, resulting in muscle or joint pain, but establishing a routine in stretching will increase circulation and promote a general feeling of well being.

If you have any sharp or deep pain of any kind, be sure to consult a health practitioner.

If you have mild aches and pains that are becoming increasingly noticeable, learn some stretches that will likely relieve them. Also, check your posture at work (or play, walking, running, etc.,). No one wants to go through pain if he or she can help it, yet pain is a part of life. Of course, you don’t need to suffer – you can find a number of ways that you can combat all sorts of pain that plague your body. Pills, topical treatments, and more are commonly available. With so many different things that can affect your muscles and joints, from stress to overdoing it at the gym, you are going to want to have some of these medicinal items on hand.

It is a good idea to have on hand pain relief gel, which has many uses and comes in many different varieties. These topical gels can work wonders on sore and aching muscles as well as for problematic joints. In addition to the gels, you may want to take herbal supplements that can help to shield and protect your joints, such as Joint Advance.

When you are buying the pain relief gel, you should make sure that you find out if it has an odor or if it is odorless. While the menthol odor that is associated with these types of gels can be pleasant, it is also often very strong. If you work in an enclosed environment, your coworkers might not want to smell menthol all day! You shouldn’t have any trouble finding gel that is odorless or that has a milder scent.

You should easily be able to find a gel to suit your needs. Besides those for joint and muscle pain, you will also be able to find hemorrhoid gels and more. Always make certain to read the packaging so that you make sure you are getting the correct type of gel for your pain. Take care of your pain, take care of your body, and enjoy your life.


Pain is your body’s natural defense against illness and injury. It serves as the signal that something is wrong in the body. Pains associated with arthritis include severe pain from inflammation of the joints, acute pain from damaged joints, and aggravated pain brought on by chronic suffering from joint pains. Pain is caused by the gradual breakdown of cartilage, the soft material that cushions the joints. Pain relief creams are consumed by athletes, housewives, and the elderly. While there are many causes and diseases that can contribute to joint pain, the most common are osteoarthritis and sports injuries. Joint pain from osteoarthritis is often treated with the use of over the counter and prescription medications. With concerns rising in the medical field recently about heart disease dangers of several prescription medications, many people are looking for a safe alternative to deal with joint pain. There are many pain relieving techniques which can be tried.


Cartilage is the cushion between bones in a joint and it provides support to other tissues without being as hard or rigid as bone. Cartilage is responsible for protecting the joints and serves as a shock absorber when pressure is placed on the joint during walking or running. Injury, occupation, excess weight, and genetics are among the factors which cause the cartilage of a joint to wear away. Osteoarthritis occurs as the protective, cushiony cartilage covering the bones wears away, resulting in bones rubbing together. Rheumatoid Arthritis can lead to cartilage as well as bone damage.


Arthritis is one of the most prevalent health problems facing today’s aging population. It is a very painful and emotionally draining disease. Arthritis, also known as joint inflammation, is defined as an inflammation of one or more joints and involves the breakdown of cartilage resulting in pain, swelling, and limited movement. Osteoarthritis is also known as degenerative arthritis because it is a form of arthritis that further damages the cartilages found in between the bones in places such as the knees, spine, hands and feet. Osteoarthritis is directly related to age, however, one may also get this disease through heredity, obesity where your joints will be overworked from excessive weight, other medical conditions such as diabetes, gout and hormonal imbalances. Rheumatoid arthritis is an inflammatory disease that causes pain, swelling, stiffness, and loss of function in the joints. Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disorder that causes stiffness and pain in the joints and can lead to cartilage as well as bone damage. Hand deformity is a common symptom of the disease.

Drugs and Treatment

One of the treatments that many doctors recommend to their patients is prescription pain relief. Even morphine, opiates, and psychotropic drugs are prescribed as joint relief drugs. Because pain affects us mentally and emotionally as well as physically, it is important to try to find methods and treatments that will bring relief. Many types of pain are so persistent and pervasive, people become concerned about the commonly recommended pain treatment (pain medications) because they do not like to put so much chemical substance into their bodies for extended periods of time. No treatment either synthetic or natural is 100% effective all the time. Joint pain treatments vary from herbs to massage with much research backing the successful findings.

One of the most common forms of chronic joint pain relief is medication, such as analgesics (pain relievers) and non-steroidal anti-inflammation drugs. However, one of the biggest problems that usually arises with prescription drugs is the temporary relief. Many people seek antibiotics and strong medications in order to get rid of the pain as soon as possible so they can get back to their normal life however; these drugs can have serious side effects such as, drowsiness, fatigue, and change in appetite and sleep as well as mood swings. Most medical treatments will not take away all of your discomfort and you will probably need some type of natural remedy for coping with pain. Many drugs that you can find synthesized into pills can also be found in their natural form with fewer side effects.


The plant commonly known as Devil’s Claw contains a highly potent anti-inflammatory compound that works just as well as prescription drugs – and sometimes better. Various cultures have traditionally used Sea Cucumber as a remedy for many ailments including joint pain relief. There are natural oil treatments for arthritis that have been found to be useful in improving the condition. Alternative treatments like supplements and acupuncture have become increasingly popular in recent years, so much so that the National Institute of Health is currently conducting research on both to determine the effect they have on joint pain relief. White willow bark is another effective choice in joint pain treatments. Alternative treatments include herbal tea, change in diet, and identifying food allergies.

Many natural joint pain relief therapies are termed “alternative” treatments because they do not receive as much respect as the more normal pain relief options. Chondroitin, also known as chondroitin sulfate, occurs naturally in human cartilage, bone, cornea, skin and the arterial wall. In addition, chondroitin can come from natural sources, such as shark or bovine cartilage, or can be produced in a lab. Chondroitin is part of a large protein molecule that gives cartilage elasticity and helps it retain water. Glucosamine is an amino sugar that the body produces and distributes in cartilage and other connective tissue. Some theories claim that glucosamine can assist in the creation of new cartilage, while chondroitin may slow cartilage destruction. Chondroitin sulfate may also offer natural joint pain relief through its ability to help rebuild healthy cartilage, improve flexibility and reduce inflammation naturally.

Dry heat, moist heat, or microwaveable wraps offer relief. Natural joint pain relief can be effective on osteoarthritis, inflammation, muscular, and other forms of arthritis. Natural plant alternatives like green tea are being investigated for the management of Rheumatoid Arthritis. Natural arthritis joint pain relief is a very popular method for alleviating pain, especially when dealing with arthritis pain. Natural options have become increasingly popular because many people feel that it is a safer and healthier way to treat their pain. Natural joint pain relief can take many different forms. The problem with everyday prescribed pills is that they are literally chemical bombs that go off inside your body, possibly reducing pain but also negatively impacting your systems well being. Natural pain relief techniques may not be as popular, since people tend to trust what the doc orders over what nature suggests, but nevertheless, they can be the perfect solution to your problem.

Natural joint pain relief products focus on long term healing and although they might be a little slower to punch in, they’re definitely a more reliable solution in the long run. Flax seed, either in liquid form or ground into powder and fortified with extra nutrition, is a well-known nutritional supplement that can offer a wide variety of health benefits, including natural joint pain relief. Benefits of flax seed oil also include its ability to lower cholesterol naturally. There are many natural supplements for joint pain relief on the market today. You may be surprised to learn that many natural remedies for arthritis can be as effective if not more so than prescription and over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drugs and as such might be a better solution for those that suffer the debilitating joint pain, swelling and inflammation of osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and gout.

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